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Omg I’m crying

I’d like a veggie version of that, please.

It exists in most poutineries around the country. Veggie gravy. Good stuff.

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Toronto mayor ousted over conflict of interest


OTTAWA — A court ordered the mayor of Toronto, Canada’s largest city, to be removed from office for violating conflict of interest rules when soliciting donations for his football charity.

Mayor Rob Ford got into legal trouble when he spoke out at a city council vote in February against a $3,150 fine he was ordered to pay over the ethics breach.

A Toronto resident took him to court for violating the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, which at trial Ford said he had not read.

Ford said he will appeal the ruling, and if he fails to have the decision overturned will run again for mayor in a by-election.

“I will fight tooth and nail to hold onto my job,” he told reporters, blaming “leftwing politics” for the court action that led to the ruling.

The court has delayed the decision for 14 days to give city officials time to put their house in order.

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Save Marineland's Animals!!!!! SIGN THE PETITION



Ontario has no laws controlling aquariums and zoos, or protecting the animals inside. Without those laws no one will be able to save the animals of Marineland.

I’ve seen animals living in filthy water, blind seals, and dolphins with their skin falling off. After 12 years as Marineland’s top trainer, I had to quit my job so I could speak out and save these animals from the extreme neglect I witnessed at Marineland. Shortly after I left, this continued with the death of a baby beluga forced into a tank she didn’t belong in.

But there is one barrier to saving these animals. There are no laws controlling zoos or aquariums in Ontario. The SPCA is welcome to investigate, but without these laws no one can do anything to stop this neglect. 

That’s why I started a petition on Change.org demanding Premier Dalton McGuinty establish a law protecting animals at aquariums and zoos.

This isn’t the first time animal neglect has been exposed at Marineland. Many trainers have quit before me. After each scandal, groups have called for the Government to act, but no progress is ever made. This time, however, the public outrage is louder than ever, and since Premier McGuinty only has a minority government he is much more likely to act.

Click here to join me in saving Marineland’s animals once and for all.

For the animals,

Phil Demers, ex Marineland trainer

Please help this petition reach 100,000 signatures!

Click here for an exposing video & article on Marineland

Six of the park’s seven seals are blind, have impaired vision or have had serious eye problems because of exposure to unhealthy water…”

Five female dolphins […] swam almost continuously in bad water in a concrete pool […] They lay at the bottom in murky green water or breeched and thrashed wildly, their reactions changing with the chemicals. Their skin fell off in chunks, their colour darkened and they refused to eat. This lasted intermittently for eight months…”

baby beluga Skoot died after a two-hour assault by two adult male belugas in an incident former trainers say points to understaffing at the park.”

Walruses in captivity crave human attention and yet former trainer Bentivegna says they were left days at a time in their dark barn pens with no stimulation apart from feeding. Demers says nothing has changed. Walrus vomiting and weight loss is a recurring problem at Marineland.”

Baker is a big guy, the only male sea lion swimming mindless laps during our two recent visits to the Aquarium. He used to be the clown, the funny fellow with the clear eyes, still featured in ‘Attractions Niagara.’

Now his body is scarred and itchy with patches of missing fur. Every time he passes he rubs his head hard against the side, trying to scratch himself over and over. His eyes are squeezed so tightly shut it looks like he doesn’t have any. For all intents and purposes, he doesn’t.”

This is a nightmare.

Phil Demers writes in his most recent update…

“Premier McGuinty still says he’s going to wait until the Ontario SPCA investigation of Marineland is finished, even though we made it perfectly clear that no matter what the OSPCA finds - animals in zoos and aquariums across Ontario are still not protected. Currently, anyone in Ontario can start a zoo or aquarium without a license, training or expertise, and there’s no oversight or inspections. Worst of all there are no ways to shut down bad zoos or aquariums.

We want a commitment that no matter what the OSPCA says Premier McGuinty will close these huge legal loopholes and will protect the Marineland animals and all other captive animals in Ontario with strong laws now.”

Please, sign the petition

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 #wait canada has a fandom now



Obviously Whose Line was created just to assist Tumblr later on.
The Doctor knew this was gonna happen. 

I love this

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In case of a zombie apocalypse, follow me: renkris: Fox News banned from broadcasting in Canadaik-arzu:...


Fox News banned from broadcasting in Canada






Fox News will not be moving into Canada after all! The reason: Canadian regulators

I hate Harper. I hate Fox News.

But the rest of Canadian Parliament… Not bad. 

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A little faith in humanity is restored

I wasn’t aware this was possible legally, but bravo. Someone give that pilot a medal.



A little faith in humanity is restored

I wasn’t aware this was possible legally, but bravo. Someone give that pilot a medal.

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The attitudes of some people in my country disgust me.



The attitudes of some people in my country disgust me.


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Transgender protections pass in Ontario


In Ontario, Canada, members of all three parties have voted to amend the Human Rights Code to protect people against discrimination based on gender identity and expression.

The measure is intended to fight discrimination against transgender people, particularly in matters like housing and employment. It’s also the fourth time New Democrat Cheri DiNovo tried to amend the Code. A side note from LezGetReal:

The source article for this information incorrectly asserts that “Ontario is the first major jurisdiction in North America to provide human rights protections for transgendered people.” This is incorrect. There are sixteen states in the US which protect trans people with regards to housing, jobs or both. The US simply does not do human rights laws the same way that Canada does. Minnesota, for trivia purposes, was the first state to protect trans people all the way back in 1993.


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Canada axes green advisory body


The Canadian government is to mark the 25th anniversary of its green business advisers by closing the agency down.

John Baird, Canada’s foreign affairs minister and pointman for next month’s Rio+20 Earth summit in Brazil, said this week that the National Roundtable for the Environment and Economy (NRTEE) would have its funding cut in 2013 because of the availability of information from thinktanks, the internet and universities.

Baird told reporters that Canadian taxpayers should not have to pay for an organisation that has produced 10 reports promoting a carbon tax – “something that the people of Canada have repeatedly rejected”.

“But that’s not correct,” the Roundtable’s CEO, David McLaughlin, told the Guardian on Thursday, adding that it had never advocated a carbon tax but had looked at cap and trade for regulating Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions in a 2009 report commissioned by the government. “Which was government policy at the time,” said McLaughlin.

The C$5.2 million funding for the NRTEE will cease as of 31 March next year under a wide-ranging omnibus budget bill C-38 that is currently before Canada’s House of Commons. The legislation seeks to speed up natural resources projects such as oil and gas pipelines, and repeal the Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act.

[read full article]

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Trans* contestant will be allowed in beauty pageant


Not long ago, we talked about Jenna Talackova, the transgender woman who was booted from the Miss Universe Canada pageant when it was discovered she was not born biologically female.

After urging from GLAAD and other sources, the pageant administration has reversed their decision and decided to let Jenna participate.

“The Miss Universe Organization will allow Jenna Talackova to compete in the 2012 Miss Universe Canada pageant provided she meets the legal gender recognition requirements of Canada, and the standards established by other international competitions,” according to a statement released by the organization late Monday night.

Woot! It’s a small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

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Person to watch: Scott Heggart, the athlete who came out one day at a time


In the world of sports, it can be especially hard for an LGBT person to come out. But sometimes all you have to do is take it little by little.

Canadian-born Scott Heggart plays football, basketball, softball and hockey, and he is also gay. He became aware of his sexuality in 7th grade, but was worried about his future as an athlete and a teammate if he came out.

Heggart came out to his family when he was 15, but coming out to his teammates would prove a bigger challenge. So to make it a little easier, he came out anonymously - via one YouTube clip every day for a year from 2008-2009, detailing his experience.

After talking to the world about things like religion, marriage equality and the “ex-gay” movement, Heggart finally came out to his teammates, only to find they were respectful and supportive. After the suicide of Canadian teenager Jamie Hubley last year, Heggart was inspired to become an activist and speak publicly about bullying and coming out.

Scott’s channel is here. Check him out for a reminder that things really can - and do - get better.

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Thousands Turn Out for Largest Women’s Memorial March to Date


Vancouver Women's March 2012

First Nations and women’s groups may have been shut out of the Missing Women’s inquiry, but their voices were heard loud and strong on Valentine’s Day in Vancouver.

As many as 5,000 people—the largest number to date—participated in the 21st annual Women’s Memorial March on the lower mainland’s Downtown Eastside. The march is a tribute to missing and murdered women and the loved ones they left behind.

“Women continue to go missing across Canada, women are still being thrown out of hotel room windows to their deaths down here,” said Marlene George, a march organizer, to the Vancouver Province. “We are here to honor and remember the women, and because the violence continues every day.”

George was referring to the fall of 2011, when a woman fell to her death from the Regent Hotel on the Downtown Eastside. The incident followed the 2010 death of Ashley Machiskinic, who also fatally fell. Women’s groups are still lobbying city officials for a bylaw requiring bars to be installed on the windows of single-room occupancy hotels in the area.

The march started at the intersection of Main and Hastings streets and proceeded through the Downtown Eastside, stopping at sites where women vanished or were found murdered. Aboriginal grandmothers lit sage and tobacco and said prayers at each site. The two-hour event concluded at the city’s police building on Main Street.

The marchers were joined by Assembly of First Nations National Chief Shawn A-in-chut Atleo, B.C. AFN Regional Chief Jody Wilson-Raybould and Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs Grand Chief Stewart Phillip.

The march took on another theme as participants raised concerns about alleged abuse against female police officers. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) force has been charged with dozens of counts of sexual harassment, and nearly 100 female officers are on the verge of filing a class-action suit, according to The Globe and Mail.

“How can an institution that has racism, sexism, misogyny within that institution protect an aboriginal woman if it’s happening within their own institution,” said Aboriginal Front Door Society spokesperson Mona Woodward to 24 Hours news. “And then we’re supposed to trust them to be able to partake in the inquiry?”

Anger was particularly directed at the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry, which lead Commissioner Wally Oppal suspended for the day out of respect for the march. The commission is charged with determining why it took years to apprehend serial killer Robert Pickton in the face of what some deem overwhelming evidence that he was responsible for a number of murders. He was eventually convicted of six, though he confessed to an undercover officer to many more.

Women’s groups and community agencies call the inquiry a sham because the provincial government won’t pay for lawyers for them while simultaneously paying the tab for police to lawyer up.

“We need to be sure that we’re able to have our questions answered, and we’re on the outside of that inquiry,” George told the Georgia Straight.

Meanwhile, missing women marches were also held in 12 Canadian cities, including Calgary, Winnipeg, Manitoba and Calgary. View QMI news agency’s photo gallery of the Vancouver march here.

According to the Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC), Alberta has the second-highest number of missing or murdered native women in Canada, after B.C. More than 90 cases have been identified in the province as of 2010, according to data gathered by the NWAC, and more than 80 percent of them are believed to have been murdered.

“The rate of violence perpetrated against aboriginal women is unacceptable,” said Calgary march organizer Suzanne Dzus to the Calgary Herald. “All I want is for my family to be safe. I want my daughter to be as safe as my son is. These women deserve that at least.”

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I love my country. I feel safe here. I also feel a lot of pride. It might not be a perfect country, but it is mine and I am proud of it.  
You’re only good for discount liquor :)


I love my country. I feel safe here. I also feel a lot of pride. It might not be a perfect country, but it is mine and I am proud of it.  

You’re only good for discount liquor :)

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When: Mid-Cambrian (515-500 million years ago)

Where: British Columbia, Canada. 

What: Opabinia is one of the rarest forms from the Burgess Shale fossil lagerstatten. We have explored the Burgess Shale fauna before with Anomalocaris and Hallucigenia. Opabinia, unlike these other species, has not had a confusing history with various interpretations of its anatomy. This does not mean that 1.5-3 inch (4-7cm) long invertebrate is much like any modern form though! Far from it, Opabinia is unlike anything alive today. Much of its body resembled Anomalocaris, which it is possibly related to, but its head is where the most bizarre features were. It had 5 eyes and a proboscis up to 1/3rd of its length, ending in a form of gripping claw. This proboscis was flexible enough to curve around to its mouth, which was hidden on the underside of its head and directed posteriorly.  It is thought Opabinia swam though the ancient seas by flexing its body, picking up soft bodied prey animals with this ‘trunk’. No traces of legs have been found in any of the ~20 or so fossil specimens. 

Like most Burgess Shale taxa, the relationships of Opabinia are uncertain. It is somewhat hesitatingly placed as a stem arthropod in a lot of classifications, but this relationship is based in turn on an uncertain link with Anomalocaris. It is possible that Opabinia is far removed from all modern phyla. One of the biggest supports for this later view is its 5 eyes, a configuration never again seen in the history of life. 

I might have gone a bit overboard with the images today, but this is one of my most favorite fossil forms! It is just so odd and different from anything else. 

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Welcome to Platform 9¾

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